Moliere critique de l'ecole des femmes

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An outstanding personality.

Serge Gainsbourg.

I – Biography.

His real name was Lucien Ginsburg. He was born on the second of April nineteentwenty-eight in Paris.

He was interested in arts , so he began to take drawing lessons. He met Elizabeth, his first love and he got married with her in nineteenfifty three. Nobody noticed him for his talent , so he turned to music. In nineteen fifity eight, his first record came out .
Bit by bit , he became famous incinema and produced records. He met Jane Birkin in a shooting and he spent twelve years with her.
His concerts in nineteen eighty pushed him to the top.
But hiscareer stopped with his death in nineteen ninety one.

II – His outstanding personality.

I have chosen Serge Gainsbourg for his madness, originality andarrogance.
First of all, he thought he was bad-looking and people even said he was ugly.
But for the age, he dared to do something hard.
His lyrics areprovocative, vulgar and I think, his image shocked and amused the public. His vulgarity became his trademark.
Moreover ,when he burnt a 500 franc note during alive television program, he did not care for people’s reactions. He was in a way perfectly free. I like this character because he was the champion of theunexpected : when he was invited in a television show, nobody could say what was going to happen. I also enjoy listening to his melodies mixing very different musicalstyles.
As a conclusion , Gainsbourg , even if he is not an example to follow, is considered as a genius and I advise everybody to listen to his records !
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