Money does not make happiness

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Money does not make happiness

Money can be a source of happiness

Money is the symbol of social materialism. It has become vital for all men wishing to live in society, or at leastsurvive. So money is not an end in itself, is there a way to access any object of desire.

The money just to be a source of happiness for example a person with an abundance of moneyhas a more comfortable life than a poor person in need. Money offers more opportunity.

From one side we can say that money make happiness because:
- it can afford what we want
- itcan give pleasure to those you love and therefore contribute to our own happiness
- Money contributes to happiness, because it is capable of raising the social status of the person withgreater ease.

Some people who have a lot of money believed to be the happiest and yet it is often those who have the least values because there are other sources of happiness n'on notneed money.

. Other sources of happiness that money cannot buy:

Feelings like love or friendship is a source of happiness, they are priceless, they can’t buy.

The bonds thatunite a family or a group of people is the solidarity that brings happiness and it is not about money.

Sometimes life just to have that vital bit of what is required get more happinessthan materialistic desires that never ceases to stop

True happiness lies within oneself; happiness is a state of mind to be happy he must want.

Respect for others and alsocontributes to happiness can’t buy
We can say that the money just be a source of happiness but it certainly is not alone as there are values feelings, others, or solidarity, which are a sourceof happiness and that requires no money. "Real happiness is cheap, it is expensive, it is not a good case. »
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