Call centers

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The interest of the call center changes depending on the country where you are and your personal situation .
-So the countries in development,where gender is not relevant. This allows the empowerment of women through work.
This gain of money helps the woman to get more independancy toward her husband..
In the moredeveloped countries that It allows young people to work when they are not at university.
This money can afford leisure activities (cinema, concert). Or be used for basic needs.
In any casethis money allowsAllows them to get some independance from her parents.
Working in call centers can also be as a first step in the world of work: Work under pressure, meet the world,receive orders.
Experience will help them better choose their future employment.
Finally, call centers can employ people with low educational qualifications. And without this job, theymight have been unable to fulfill their needs.
-But call centers also have disdvantages:
It 's a job very badly paid. It does not therefore respond to a significant financial need.Contracts affiliated with these companies are often atypical. Such as internships or permanent contracts determined (CCD)
The few money they have (very little paid work experience)and the lack of certainty allows neither emancipation nor calmly consider the future.
This type of employment with high turn-over results in part-time workers, and therefore thesub-jobs.
In addition, these jobs are tiring, long, repetitive, boring. Personal development is therefore difficult to find.
Finally, you have not to shy . to talk all day on the phone.Thus, call centers can be an opportunity if it is only temporary, as this can not be inside that there is a future. Because this is not the place there you will prepar your future.
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