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* It is a material world we live in, yes, and money is the way we live, but if you look around you, look where our lifestyle has gotten us. Global warming, bankruptcies, high gas prices, food prices. It all has to do with money. Money gets us many things. Not happiness, or true happiness, at least. Sure, you're happy when you're able to save up for something you wanted, that's true. True happiness is found in the REAL things in life. Everyone's happy when they wake up and the sun is shining. When flowers are blooming, when the leafs are changing color. Being with your friends and family. Knowing people care for you, and caring for them in turn. That is true happiness, and on that, there is absolutely no price.

So, to answer your question: Money can bring happiness, for a brief and fleeting moment. But it is a shallow, and material happiness.
True happiness is in the things we take for granted everyday.
They also told us “Money can’t buy everything” and they were wrong about that too. True, maybe it can’t buy love, happiness, or peace of mind, but it can buy a political office, and once you have that the other pieces fall into place.
Money is a tool. It can purchase many things, but not always what the holder needs or wants. Sometimes no amount of money is enough or a seller simply won't sell. In addition, if the "wrong" person has the money, it won't buy anything. I've seen people turned away from restaurants and other places of business for being different somehow, despite the fact that they had plenty of money with them. Prejudice can erase the value of money for the holder of it. Thus, money cannot always buy everything and likely cannot buy some things at all.
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With money you can buy a house, but not a home.

With money you can buy a clock, but not time.

With money you can buy a bed, but not sleep.

With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge.

With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health.


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