Moving operation-vehicle for increasing living standards

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Vehicle for increasing living standards

Abstract :
For about a decade companies have actively moved their operations to low-cost countries. Contrary to what one might think this trend does not imply loss of value in developed countries but a specialization in more added value jobs. On the other hand developing countries really benefit from abroad investments. Then globalization can be seen as a vehicle for levelling up worldwide life standards. But we should care about implied environmental implications.

Current Issues in Accounting and Financial Management

Table Of Contents :

Introduction - 3 -

Market’s requirements - 3 -

Offshoring as a transition to a new age - 5 -

Consequences - 6 -

Conclusion - 9 -

References - 10 -


During the last decade our occidental countries have faced a migration of the companies’ activities, of part of the firms themselves. These different practices are well-known as outsourcing, offshoring, nearshore and offshore outsourcing. This trend is publicly perceived as bad for the society, leaving workers unemployed and moving value into developing countries instead of create it in home developed countries. This paper will tend to give a wider insight into this current issue that companies have to deal with and to spotlight what it would imply. It will focus more especially on the value point of view and try to show that wealth is not obviously decreased in western countries.

Market’s requirements

First of all it is important to draw an accurate picture of what our economy is going through. In fact before analysing

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