Muhammad ali

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Biography of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is born in 1942, in Louisville. Is real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay. When someone stole his bike, he wanted to beat allthieves but he didn’t know how to fight so he decided to start boxing. He quickly becoms very strong. He wins six times Kentucky Gold Glove, while he is still in High school. He doesn’t have goodmarks but he finally obtains his diploma because of the boxe. After his Olympic triumph, he begins his professional career. In Louisville, He wins his first professional fight in 1960. In 1964, he fightsagainst Sonny Liston the world champion heavyweight. He wins because Liston gets hurt In the shoulder. Liston wants his revenge, they fight again and Clay wins a second time nicely. Between the twofights Clay joins The Nation of Islam and turns his name into: Muhammad Ali. Ali is against the conflict between the American and Vietnamese, He gets many problems in case of that. In particular, heloses his boxing licence. In 1970, he gets his licence back and continuous to fight. In 1971, he loses the match against Joe Frazier For the world champion's belt. In 1974, Ali fight against GeorgeForeman the man who has won against Joe Frazier easily. After an intense preparation and trainings, Ali finally beats Foreman and receives the hickok belt and Is recognized as the sportsman of the year.In 1975 Ali beats again Joe Frazier. He keeps the belt of the world champion untill 1978, here he loses against Leon Spinks the olympic champion. In 1979, he announces his retreat but he gets back in1980 and fights against Larry Holmes for the title of the world champion version WBC but he loses. Ali is more older and weak than before but he insits on the fact that he has to fight again. In 1981,he fights for the last time against Trevor Berbick the challenger and certainly the future champion but he loses the match by the points. In 1982, Ali is affected by the Parkinson disease, his...
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