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Sommaire Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Les découvertes neuroscientifiques dans le marketing 4 L’impact de la marque : Pepsi vs. Coca cola et Apple vs. Microsoft 4 L’impact de la publicité : Tivo, NBC et Innerscope 5 Applications du neuromarketing 8 Principe : 8 Efficacité du packaging / Efficacité d’un logo 8 Efficacité publicitaire : efficacité de la conception et du placement 9 Efficacité de la conception : 9 Efficacité du placement 10 Efficacité d’une marque 10 Mesure de l’intention d’achat 11 Efficacité en rayon 12 Efficacité politique 12 Questionnements éthiques autour du neuromarketing 13 L’utilisation détournée d’une technique médicale 13 Pousser le consommateur à la sur-consommation 14 Un déni de démocratie ? 14 Et demain ? 15 Conclusion 17 Bibliographie 18


Neuromarketing is a very new topic in the field of marketing. It creates a link between medical techniques that allow doctors to study our brains, to look for cures to great illnesses or to understand mental disorders. The use of these techniques in the field of marketing has allowed marketers to discover, or to quantify the impact of a marketing action on our brains.

The first part of this paper will show you what discoveries were made about very famous brands that we all know.

The second part of this paper will summarize the different applications of neuromarketing to this day. This new technique allows companies to measure the efficiency of their advertising campaigns, of a packaging, of a logo, of a brand…

How can this new technique influence the customer, to what extend will it manipulate us? It is difficult to know and numerous actors from different fields (medicine, universities and consumer associations) are voicing their defiance towards neuromarketing. The third part of this paper will summarize the concerns of these

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