Nissan leaf - marketing creative brief

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Review of Marketing Plan
Considered to be in it's partnership with Renault, the fourth largest auto companyin the world. Nissan motors looks to expand its image by entering the zero emissions market. To do this they plan on releasing a revolutionary vehicle that is the first of its kindand available to the public at the end of 2010. The Nissan Leaf is expected to revolutionize the auto industry by introducing the first fully electric vehicle. Built for comfort as well as for its positive ecological output towards the environment, the Nissan Leaf is the next generation in the automotive industry.
Key Words: Nissan Leaf, electric car, zero emission, environmentally friendly,easy to charge batteries.
We decided to go for the Nissan Leaf, since it was an already existing product that was not yet on the market. We found it more challenging to start only from the product criteria than to explain a marketing plan that is already integrated.
Examine overall marketing plan and objectives
Role of advertising and promotion
The two phase promotion that we put inplace, will able us to first identify and develop the market for electric-vehicles and then through advertising, get people to identify the Nissan Leaf as their best alternative within this newly created market.
Competitive analysis
Assess environmental influences
The second influence is of course, the environmental issues that came in the past twenty years to be of public concern.
Perhapsone of the most challenging issues of the twenty first century, the question of pollution due to fossil fuel (coal, oil) becomes a concern as more and more people decide to face it's reality. In this context, consumers are sensible to energy issues and open to a new way of consuming (even-though they might not want to lose their comfort). Electricity is again the answer as it is cleanerespecially when produced with nuclear, and hydro energy.
The third influence linked to the second, is the political action that result from the public awareness of environmental issues. Countries have engaged themselves to decrease their emission of carbon through the Kyoto agreements and now need to keep their word by promoting new energies. This is the reason why states have developed a partnershipwith Nissan to provide fast charging infrastructures within the cities.
Analysis of Promotional Department Organization
Firms Ability to Implement Promotional Program
Nissan along with Renault form the fourth largest car company in the world. They have the financial power as well as more than one hundred years of experience. They therefore both have themeans and the know-how to implement a promotional program to it's full extent. Especially when it comes to the Nissan Leaf, electric-vehicles represent an opportunity for governments to meet their environment engagements. Those supports coming from states can prove useful in terms of guarantee, and credibility while implementing the Nissan Leaf’s promotional plan.
Agency Evaluation andSelection
Traditionally, Nissan-Renault has had a partnership with TBWA from the Omnicom group, a leading group in the advertising industry. It therefore seems natural for us to call on them for this new product. The practical thing about TBWA is that they have agencies all over the world (TBWA-NY, TBWA Paris...). The idea is for a few different TBWA agencies to come up with proposals that evolvearound the messages that we want to get across.
Those proposals will be reviewed within our central European marketing service, and one concept will be selected. This European global concept will then be forwarded to our marketing services in Europe that will decide whether to adapt it locally with the help of one of TBWA antenna. We can then have a glocal (global, adapted locally) approach of...
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