Nonverbal and verbal communication

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The first thing is to understand what the communication is.

The basis of communication is the interaction between people. Communicate, it means to speak for and to listen. To speak for it’s: to formulate affirmatives sentences in the purpose to give information and to ask questions to obtain information or to check the information.
To listen it’s: to be quiet when the interlocutor speaks, to try to understand what the interlocutor says, to observe the body language.

There are two types of communication: the verbal and the nonverbal ones.
Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face. It is sounds, words, speaking, and language. Some words may be imitative of natural sounds, but others may come from expressions of emotion, such as laughting or crying. Words alone have no meaning. Only people can put meaning into words.

Over 3,000 languages and major dialects are spoken in the world today. The huge variety of languages usually creates difficulties between different languages, but even within a single language there can be many problems in understanding. These misunderstanding are emphasised because people uses the nonverbal communication too.

In a first part, we will speak about this type of communication and especially about the impact of the nonverbal communication at work. In a second part, we will see why the nonverbal communication is very important. In a third part, we will focus on the way to communicate as well as possible. Finally, we will speak about the different ways to communicate nonverbally according to the countries.


I The nonverbal communication

What is exactly the meaning of the nonverbal communication?
Why we need to know about that?
How the nonverbal communication intervene at work?

II The real power of the nonverbal communication

Useful in relationships
Albert Mehrabian
When our body language betray us?
How read the body language?


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