Norman rockwell - freedom from want

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Commentaire d’une peinture de Norman Rockwell

« Freedom From Want »

This document is a painting , painted in 1943 by Norman Rockwell , the board is called "Freedom from Want". It’s116 by 90 cm and is exposed in the Norman Rockwell Museum of Stockbridge. It tackles the issue of the famous feast in the United States : Thanksgiving.. It deals with a dinner celebrated on the lastThursday of November to thank God for all he do for the population . Norman Rockwell was inspired by American president Franklin D. Roosevelt to paint this masterpiece.This painting is a part of a setof four paintings : The Four Freedoms" with "Freedom from Want", "Freedom of speech", "Freedom of Worship and Freedom from Fear ". I will first describe the painting , to then show what Norman Rockwellwant to show with this painting.

At the middle, the grandmother, brings the big turkey which is the main meal of Thanksgiving and put it in the center of the table.
At the top there is thegrandfather. He is the only one in black what means that he’s the patriarch of the family.
In the background we can see white curtains which are illuminated by the light. The clear colour give us theimpression of a pleasant atmosphere.
At the bottom ,the table is covered by a white tablecloth as well as members of the family on each side of the table. There are talking together, what gives animpression of good relationship between the family members .
At the bottom right corner there is Norman Rockwell, it must be a wink for his family.

Throught this painting, Norman Rockwell wish topresent to us a simple pleasure of life with the family , the feast of Thanksgiving. Indeed, the painter shows that the sharing dominate the dinner , a dinner where the family has a good time together.This board has a goal : make us happy thank to think about Thanksgiving. The atmosphere is pleasant, serene and warm. The painting is a form of idealism of the American religious population at...
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