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Joris : Hello everybody and welcome in our laboratory. We are three scientists who have found the solution. Indeed, we created a stop-smoking lollipop. Nowadays, too many people smoke in our society and too many die because of this phenomenon. Solutions already exist for this problem but they all have secondary effects such as
-Mouth cancer
-heart attack
-and otherdiseases.
Consequently, we’ve been working on a special product for 2 years. This product is called LOLLISTOP and is really efficient on the smoker’s life. Today we’re going to meet Mr Dupont who is a compulsory smoker and who has many problems because of the cigarets.


Thomas : Hello Mr Dupont, welcome in our laboratory. You are here to talk about your health problems. First, how manycigarets do you smoke a day?

Serge : It depends on days. Sometimes, it’s one packet when I’m OK and when I don’t feel good, it’s about 2 packets a day.

Thomas : And does this consumption have consequences on your everyday life?

Serge : Yes of course. Firstly, my wife left me because of the odour. Then I lost my job because I wanted to smoke all the times. And to conclude, I feel alonebecause I have no social life. This addiction completely destroyed my life.

Thomas : You’ ve never thought to stop smoking ?

Serge : I tried several times but products in sales like patches weren’t efficient and are dangerous for the health.

Thomas : As we can see, cigarets have repercutions on the smoker’s life. He has first problem of money and has alsodifficulties of integration. It must change. That’s why we worked hardly on this product because we felt concerned about this social mission.
We are going to present you the Marketing Mix. First, we will begin by the product and the concept. Then we have decided a corresponding price. Another point which is important is the distribution. Finally, we decided to promote the product by different ways.

4P1) Product/concept

Our lollipop is based on plant substances from an exotic tree in Amazonia. This tree is called : the datura. This substance contains molecule which is about the same as nichotine but less dangerous. This molecule acts on receivers which makes addicts to tobacco. So that the smokers will hate the cigarets taste. Moreover, it doesn’t create any addiction. That’s why itseems a good substitute.
If we manage to sell this future product, it will have a real impact on smoker’s life. Their health will improve, they will have a better purchasing power and finally a better social life.
The name: we thought to call it “Lollistop” because it refers to the lollipop and create a pun with the word “stop”. It refers to the action, the using of the product : STOP SMOKING.The packaging : the stick represents a cigaret with red cross wich means “no smoking, non addictive cigaret”. On the top we can see a green packaging which refers to health, to pharmacy.
These products are sold in packets of 6, 12 and 20. The packet design is similar and refers to a real cigarette packet.
Several flavours are proposed and correspond to our target : coca, cramberry, banana,mint, strawberry, cherry. Joris

2) The target

The 25-45 years old are targeted. This product is for men and women. The high social class,
executives or people who have money enough for this product. This product is for people who think they are going to have diseases or don’t feel good in their skin. So we arrive on the market to save them. Thomas

3) The price

6 lollistops: 4€
12 lollistops : 6€
20 lollistops : 9€

We decided to evolve on the top of range because of the difficulties to product the lollistop, because of our good quality. We think people who want to stop smoking are ready to spend money enough. The health is an important point in the life. JB

4) Distribution

We aim at selling this product in pharmacy and tobacco stores.
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