Our deapest fear

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Diaporama 1:

The poem I am going to talk about today is a Poem From Marianne Williamson called Our deepest fear.The poem has been published in 1992 by the author in her book from harpen collins collection A return to love.

Diaporama 2:

Let me tell you a little more about the author. Her name is Marianne Williamson,she is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer.She is a native of Houston, Texas, and has lectured professionally since 1983. She has published nine books, four of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Marianne has been invited to popular televison show and her quotation : Our deepest fear is recognize itnernationaly. And some people might think its from Nelson Mandela but there wrong, he used Marianne Williamson poem but I am going to talk about that a little further. She has now her own radio show and has been named one of the fifty most influential baby boomers.

Diaporama 3:

In the poem Our deepest fear, Marianne Williamson adresses the other side of the fealing of fear of stepping foward or fear of failure. She talks about it like the fear of being better than your peers, being the best. it is a very spiritual poem, we can see that frekently talks about God. Like when she says that that we are a child of god ou that we are born to manifest the glory in god. But the spirituality is not only about god, the light that she is talking about when she write It is oour ligh that most frighten us means something bigger then us so it is part of the spirituality.
You can also read parts were she talks about self-estime and relation with others

Diaporama 4:
The poem can be hear in the movie coach carter, actually there is only a part of the poem that has been put in the movie, they cut some of it. It fits well in the movie because it is the story of a team that are nobodys, they are from the streets and they dont believe in thereselves and in anyone so the themes of the movie and in Marianne's poem are the same. Iam going to

en relation