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Topic :the life of Oxford University students

Introduction :

Unlike the French term, college designates the student's housing and not where they study. There are approximately 44 Colleges and all of these Colleges form Oxford University. There are over 20,000 students at Oxford University. From the ranking of the best universities in the world made in 2009, Oxford University comes in10th place. It is also the 2nd best university of England.

Why does it have too much demand for admission :

Oxford University has one of the lowest dropout rates in England and it has a world-class reputation for academic excellence. Oxford is one of the few universities in the world that bases its teaching on the tutorial system, its system provides highly personalised teaching and support.Theirs tutors are international experts, all of them have already written one or several texts books. There is a wealth of resources available ( unrivalled libraries, laboratories, computer equipment, language-learning opportunities, music facilities and etc...) to all students and the accommodation is excellent.
Oxford University library is the 2nd largest library in the United Kingdom, afterthe British library.

The admission :

Oxford University seeks to attract the best and brightest students, no matter where they are from. It’s accessible to all students of talent and ability, irrespective of background. Currently students of this University come from 138 countries around the world. Oxford's university community is really international. The registration for students startingin Trinity term. You have to choose the college that you want to go. There is may be a written test.

Organisations :

The year is divided into three terms of eight weeks, Michaelmas (autumn), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer). The academic year at Oxford University runs from October to June.
There are 3 kind a courses, the Undergraduate courses, the Graduate courses and the and thePostgraduate courses.
All colleges have a chapel, a dining room, etc... ; and especially land sports. In addition to residential and dining facilities, the colleges provide social, cultural, and recreational activities for their members.
The students takes lessons by a group of 1 to 4 person with a particular teacher, it's the tutorial system. They have normally 1 or 2 tutorial by a week. Thesetutorials are complemented by lectures, classes and seminars. The students can integrate in activity clubs.
The tutorial system : a teacher with a student.
There are over 400 groups to choose from. There are groups that cover music, literature, politics, performing arts, media, faiths, cultural groups, opportunities for volunteering and much more. A huge range of sports clubs is also on offer.The students must wear their uniform everyday because they live in the school.
The funding, scholarships and the living costs :

To study and live in Oxford, there is a cost. An Undergraduate student which live in college accommodation must pay approximately between £6 800 and £8 000 for 26 weeks a year in Oxford ( £3 000 - £4 500 for the accommodation + £1 600 for the food + £1 900 for thegeneral living cost ). There are 4 kind a scholarships. You can demand to have a help from the Central scholarships. You can have college scholarships too. They are only tenable at one of the colleges of the University of Oxford. You can also have a departmental scholarships. They are only tenable at one of the departments or faculties of the University of Oxford. And finally you can have anexternal scholarships. Some organizations external to Oxford like Erasmus finance and manage theses awards. Your college will ask you to complete a College Financial Guarantee Form once you have been offered a place. This guarantee ensures you have given full consideration to the need to have sufficient funding to cover you for the duration of your course at Oxford.

Exams and degrees :

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