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I will speak about “Nike”, I think it is interesting to know how this brand became international, and how Nike arrived to keep its notoriety after the terriblecrisis in 1997 about child labor and after that continued to increase its turnover.
This brand began as a small distributing outfit located in the trunk of PhilKnight's car. Nike is an American company specialized for the sportswear. The name pronounced NI-KEY is the winged goddess of victory according to Greekmythology. The most representation of this statue is exposed to the Louvre. Their target was to import Japanese shoes not very expansive but with a very goodtechnicality. After that, Johnson represented the brand and tried to promote the shoes in the athletics stadiums. The brand continued its development with the creation of asimple logo “the swoosh” in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson for only 35 dollars. In 1972 Nike was created and in 1973 it made its first kind of shoes called “basketwaffle”.
Actually, Nike is a very big company which employs more than 30000 employees salaried all around the world. It benefits a production in more than 160countries. It specialized in the fabrication of athletics equipments in more than 30 disciplines. In February Nike have to dismissal 1400 employees salaried and itsturnover was about 19, 2 billions of dollar.
After that, Philip Knight admits that its brand becoming a symbol of very bad salary and ill treatment, so Nikeknows a very bad situation and it must find a solution to keep his notoriety and to answer at the requests of the consumers: to improve the situation for the workers.
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