Participative management : eastman way

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Participative management is a type of management in witch employees at all levels are encouraged to contribute ideas towards identifying and setting organisation-goals, problem solving, and other decisions that may directly affect them. Participative management is also called consultative management and have 5 principales principles :

1st principle : The draft of the employees. It consists on the involvement of employees to achieve of purposes fixed by the firm. Eastman wordk to reinforce behaviors and celebrate results, it reinforces the learning that leads to positive results by encouraging teams at celebrations to answer the questions : Whzt did you do ? Why did you work ? Why is it important for customer, the company, and the team ? How did the team accomplish its achievement ?

2sd principle : An active policy of personnel development, it supports on the creation of working conditions favouring communication, listening, collaboration and distribution. On top of the first principle, Eastman works his employee well-being, this intern comunication, it communicat key result areas, the vision, and the mission statement so that employees can answer the questions : What is being improved ? Why is it important to the customer, to the company, and to me ? What has the management team committed to do to help ? And what, specifically, is the company asking me to do ?

3td : the delegation of power : power is delegated as much as each makes decisions by taking account the principle of subsidiarity according to witch it that is authorized to be decided in a lower echelon, does not be in a superior echelon. Eastman focus is about getting everyone on the same pages with regard to goals. Moreover it create management action plan where all team menbers is asked to know what tasks need to be done and what the team’s role is in getting them done.

4sd : Every problem need to be solved at the level where it is ! Eastman doesn’t blow directly this principle but makes

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