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I have chosen to apply for the degree in Aeronautic Engineering in order to facilitate the interest I have in becoming a pilot. I intend to complete my degree and then go on to complete commercialpilot training. I have been fascinated with aeronautic engineering from an early age. This was developed from an interest in solving mathematical and physical problems. Additionally, at the age ofeight, I’ve visited an Algerian airline base, and was amazed by the aeroplanes. It was at that young age that I became determined to pursue a career as a pilot. After this experience, I became thoroughlyinterested in all aspects of aircraft and started reading articles, journals and internet forums in order to increase my knowledge in the subject area. I have also been to the Farnborough Air Show,where I was able to witness some of the world's most advanced aircraft technologies. I’m currently undertaking a European private flight license (JAR-PPL) course in oxford airport during my free time.I am also very interested in the mechanics involved in creating machines. I was a member of a physics laboratory team. My interest in physics is due to the fact thatit seeks to explain our world using interesting theories. I was particularly intrigued by the phenomenon that is Bernoulli principal and the relevance it has on aeronautics. I look forward to learningmore about fluid behavior, which was a part of my TPE's subject. This was a supervised personal piece of work that consisted of making a presentation about a subject in front of a jury. My mainsubject was the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) in aircrafts, an academic discipline that studies the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids. I achieved a very high grade for this project (18/20), and, as aresult, my interest in aircrafts was reinforced. Completing the project also allowed me to develop my communication and presentation skills, which I am sure will also aid me in completing my...
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