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• Cristina Yang is one of the main characters of the series: "Grey’s Anatomy ". This American series was created in 2005 and has already 6 seasons ( 110 episodes) to its credit. It is of a dramatic kind. It tells the story of five ancient medical students: Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, Georges O' Malley and Alex Karev who begin boarding school in surgery in Seattle Grace Hospital under the orders of a "tyrant", Miranda Bailey. Then, they become real surgeons. Meredith has to follow in the tracks of her mother who is a famous surgeon. Izzie sees herself attributed the most thankless tasks because of her past as a model. Alex, the handsome boy of the group is conceited. Georges, nicknamed 007, is tuned in to people and is artless. Finally, Cristina is the most qualified of the group (Harvard), she is ambitious, without feelings and the first intern who would give everything to participate in an operation. These five interns are surrounded with renowned surgeons. Derek Shepherd, a new surgeon in this hospital and also future companion of Meredith. There is also Preston Burke, an important surgeon in this hospital and Cristina’s future husband. And finally Richard Webber, director of the service of surgery. The five main characters don’t realize that they have the life lives of their patients in their hands. They are going to learn to balance their work with their private life. This is going to begin with a cohabitation of the five ....

Grey’s Anatomy is my favourite series because it is based on medicine, a subject which I particularly like. I would like to study medicine myself to become a paediatrician in a hospital. It is very interesting and instructive for me. Moreover, all the characters have an eccentric personality, different from the others. Finally, the relations between the characters are complex but exciting and there is a lot of action in the surgical operations.

I enjoy the character of Cristina Yang because

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