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*The green hotel: An opportunity and a* fashionable concept
Increasingly, consumer attitudes are favoring environmentally responsible businesses, and consumers are considering environmental issues when making travel plans and purchases. Environmental tourism has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.
Green hotels in Europe or in the united states are properties managedaccording to business practices that help improve the environmental performance of the facilities.
In addition, green hotels are one of the most dynamic in terms of new construction and renovation. From carpets to paints, from heating and cooling units to televisions. Operating in a more environmentally responsible fashion, hotels can demonstrate leadership in ecological sustainability whileenhancing competitiveness through cost-effective procedural and facility improvements. The benefits of starting a green hotel program include:
Lower operating costs;
Increased customer and employee satisfaction;
Enhanced marketability as an environmentally friendly business.
Opportunities for improving the environmental performance of hotels exist through waterconservation, energy efficiency, environmentally preferable purchasing, material substitutions and process improvements.
Many hotels and motels in the united states already have implemented programs that are saving money and conserving natural resources.
What about a Green hotel (from the ground to the floor top in India)?
Green hotels: A Necessity and an Answer to an existing need.
India isprojected to more than any other country to start an action for sustainable development.
Business concept
Core Idea
The green hotel will be an environmentally-friendly property from the ground floor to the rooftop with programs of using new and existing initiatives.
We choosed to locate the hotel in the city of Malappuram in the KERALA because it is one of the most visited regions inIndia.
Green Hotel designation reflects a commitment to pollution prevention and exemplary environmental stewardship.
Towel and linen reuse options
Recycling opportunities in rooms and all common areas
Compact fluorescent lights in rooms
Tissue products made from recycled content
Cleaning staff instructed in energy-efficient proceduresWater-conserving showers, sinks, and toilets
Use of less-toxic cleaning supplies
Use of reusable cutlery and napkins by food and beverage service
The Market

Within the hospitality industry, the green hotel will be competing with the other hotels as there are no other green hotel in the general area. All of the hotels in the area are fairly standard hotels, nothing noteworthy.The green hotel - on the other hand, is a beautiful, elegant home with regards to the protection of the environment and mother earth.
The green hotel has different target groups that it is going to successfully attract. The first are travelers who are crossing the area , conscious of the environment and who prefer to stay in an ecofriendly hotel - instead of a normal hotel.. Others will just wantto experience this new way of green management.
The objectives of the green hotel for the first five years of operation include:
To create a hotel whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations along the lines learned of, "unprecedented hospitality and service standards," .
The hotel will increase visitors every week throughout the year.
Toincrease our number of clients by 20% per year through superior service to 100% occupancy in Year 3.
To develop a sustainable business, through energy and savings.
To operate as green an operation, spanning water, power and emissions. Thusly becoming a lighthouse in the region for others.
To contribute to the community in a loving and giving manner. This will be...
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