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Introduction *The green hotel: An opportunity and a* fashionable concept Increasingly, consumer attitudes are favoring environmentally responsible businesses, and consumers are considering environmental issues when making travel plans and purchases. Environmental tourism has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. Green hotels in Europe or in the united states are properties managed according to business practices that help improve the environmental performance of the facilities. In addition, green hotels are one of the most dynamic in terms of new construction and renovation. From carpets to paints, from heating and cooling units to televisions. Operating in a more environmentally responsible fashion, hotels can demonstrate leadership in ecological sustainability while enhancing competitiveness through cost-effective procedural and facility improvements. The benefits of starting a green hotel program include: Lower operating costs; Increased customer and employee satisfaction; Enhanced marketability as an environmentally friendly business. Opportunities for improving the environmental performance of hotels exist through water conservation, energy efficiency, environmentally preferable purchasing, material substitutions and process improvements. Many hotels and motels in the united states already have implemented programs that are saving money and conserving natural resources. What about a Green hotel (from the ground to the floor top in India)? Green hotels: A Necessity and an Answer to an existing need. India is projected to more than any other country to start an action for sustainable development. Business concept Core Idea The green hotel will be an environmentally-friendly property from the ground floor to the rooftop with programs of using new and existing initiatives. We choosed to locate the hotel in the city of Malappuram in the KERALA because it is one of the most visited regions in

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