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Cell Phones for everything

Phones with wires became wireless system by efforts of alternative searches of some countries like Sweden and Finland, has a hundred of kilometers of fiords and thousands of islands of northern Europe to overcome problem of managing cables. Then cellular phones have been introducing widely every passing day, impossible not to realize where it could be said that theseglorious devices have a main role on our lives .The biggest advances in technology occur in cellular phone areas especially in last few years. While cell-phone is mentioned, we shouldn’t think it is a simple device for talking at a first tough anymore. Almost all new trend cell-phones reached to the level of Pocket PC’s and these devices are not only used for communication but also they havecapability of basic skills of a computer, for example, with the help of any smart phone, one can play every type of Pocket PC games.
The first generations of mobile phones, developed with the help of circuit connected analog type of technology (ETACS), have started widespread from early 1990s to these days. However this type of technology did not endure for a long time and some later it was replacedwith GSM (Global System Mobile) connected packet system technology. New generation networks have fully digital system based on GSM and voice traffic is controlled by the help of bit packages. In other words, firstly the talk is converted to a digital data and sent to the receiver. Data is, reached to the target, reformed again and converted into deductive language. Today, in all GSM networksthis complex way is being used. The WAP, mentioned before in detail, is the short form of Wireless Application Protocol and represents the technology of internet connection by phone. Phone can display data and pictures on its small screen by this protocol. By the help of WAP supported phone everyone can reach any internet site easily. In fact protocol of WAP is similar to internet protocol butnaturally it has a bounded features because it’s not the case that cellular phones can compete with computers and not placing on expectations in nearly future. This new wireless phone technology seems to change the destiny of the world. Now people can communicate easily without considering too long distances and this type of technology helps people not to break ties with their far away relatives makethem happy at least by one message for special days. “Even American engineers designed a Firefly E100 phones for children to reach their parents easily. It contains only five buttons and has an easy use to call their parent with one button. These highly respected devices have also key code for parents to restrain children bad use of these phones including not having a feature of sending message.”GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology, work on mobile phone networks and based on UMTS (Universal Mobile Tele-Communication System) standarts, can be defined as a new internet networks type. GPRS supported networks are also known as a generation 2.5, is not so much new in fact. They appeared by using existing GSM networks scripts and with the other telecommunication devices. Yet, theonly advantage of GPRS is not fast transformation of data. To illustrate while the phone is connected to the internet by WAP method, line will be shown as a busy. However this situation is not included in GPRS. With the help of GPRS technology subscriber can also answer to the phone call the fact that using a different channel is the cause in this type of technology. This feature gained an importantrole on GPRS technology made it highly respected to customers. To sum up, the most important success of GPRS is to make cellular phone technology closer to computer technology.
GPRS supported new generation phones could be connected to the computer and by use of GPRS network it is possible to make an internet connection. While you plug special cable which make connection between computer and...
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