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Is China a threat for the United-States?

The People’s Republic of China, commonly known as China is located in East Asia and has the biggest population in the world with more than 1.3 billion people. It is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party of China. For a very long period, China had been under an autocratic socialist system where strict controls were imposed but after 1978,when Deng Xiaoping succeed to Mao and came to power he established a market-oriented economic development and for the last decade permitted the country to quadruple its outputs. Due to its large population, its economic growth and climate issues China became a real threat for western countries and especially the United States, the actual most powerful country in the world.

Knowing that theUnited States’ economy is the largest national’s economy in the world, it is a democracy with capitalist system and it is ethnically diverse it is at the total opposite of the China’s system. Is there going to be a reversal of global leader? Is China a real threat for the United States? The purpose of this paper is to answer these questions by considering multiple criteria that tend to come to theconclusion China can be the new United-States.

China is the most densely inhabited country in the world with an exceeding population of 1.3 billion that is to say than one-fifth of the world’s population lives in China. In 1999, Chinese people represented 22 percents of the global population (without counting Honk-Kong, Taiwan and Macao, which are special administrative regions). Since 1950,China has considerably accelerated its demographic transition going from 582 millions in 1950 to more than 1 billion in 1990. This enormous population represents a threat for the United-States at several levels. First of all, knowing that the average number of children per household in the United-States is 1.83 and the American population is 307,006,550 millions we can clearly see the difference interm of demographic growth between China and the US. As a result, it represents a menace in term of work labor, immigration and military force.

China has such a large population it is a real competitive advantage for work labor. Recently, we saw that Chinese people started to manifest their desire to earn more and to have better standard quality of life. As a consequence, it had an impact oncompanies that suffered pressure from workers to improve their wages and their work conditions. It had a direct impact on prices and it did not create such a big deal for China since its population is so big that they replace workers with workers from campaign who earned very low wages so who were happy enough with the proposal to work in town. This is one of the biggest asset for China, they canhave both qualified and unskilled people so they are competitive in the global market. On the contrary, USA does not represent an El Dorado for companies in term of implementation for production so they need to put their energy in new technologies like in the Silicon Valley or green business. Furthermore, immigration is becoming a threat for the USA. In fact, in America, there is a diversifiedpopulation with multicultural nations. There are American natives, African Americans, Asian people and Latinos. China has very large population that will continue to grow so China’s immigration remains high. 44,4 percents of Chinese immigrants in the USA have a tertiary education that is to say it has in a short-term a positive effect on the USA because migrants are skilled people but in the long-termit has a “boomerang” effect in the sense that these Chinese people are taking jobs from American students that graduate from universities. When we look at the fees for tuition in the USA we can argue that this immigration is becoming a problem. In these days, where the crisis is still present in the US, with an average rate of unemployment of 9% and the currency fight between the dollar and the...
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