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To enrich your writing
a) story 1--High and Lifted Up – by Mike Krath

It was a windy day.
The mailman barely made it to the front door. When the door opened, Mrs. Pennington said, "hello", but, before she had a real chance to say "thank you", the mail blew out of the mailman's hands, into the house and the front door slammed in his face. Mrs. Pennington ran to pick up the mail.
"Oh my," she said.
Tommy was watching the shutters open and then shut, open and then shut.

b)-This story talks about a boy, Tommy that whishes he could be a leaf to see new thing he had never seen before. He becomes a leaf and meets two other ones : a maple leaf and an old leaf. They end up in a city dump and there Tommy's mum pics him up and brings him back home again.

c)-The writer uses the 3rd person narration. He uses and describes real living things like leafs and real places like a city dump...
a) story 2--Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind - by Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Well, Miss Maxwell, how did you get along today?" asked Mr. Baxter affably, when the new teacher came to the table.
She was a slight, dark girl, rather plain-looking, but with a smart, energetic way. Mr. Baxter approved of her; he "liked her style," as he would have said.
The summer term had just opened in the Maitland district. Esther Maxwell was a stranger, but she was a capable girl, and had no doubt of her own ability to get and keep the school in good working order. She smiled brightly at Mr. Baxter.
"Very well for a beginning. The children seem bright and teachable and not hard to control."
Mr. Baxter nodded. "There are no bad children in the school except the Cropper boys--and they can be good enough if they like. Reckon they weren't there today?"

b)-This story is about a female teacher, Miss Maxwell, being hired at a school where the principal Mr. Cropper doesn’t like female teachers because he thought they couldn't give out orders. Alfred and Robert, his

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