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Text : Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms.

Question 1 :
If I were Alistair, I would choose the first profil : Marie Erten Loiseau, for many reasons.
Firstly, Marie has an experienceabroad. So it seems that she has no problem with mobility, wich means, that she can travel to France and Germany without complaining. Specially, that her children are already in university, which meansthat she doesn’t have to care of them . Also, that let us to think that she has financial responsabilities since she has to pay for her childern scholarship. And as we know, her husband is semi retiredperson, so the family has limited revenue. This involves that she really need to still in her job.
Secondly, Marie has prouved that she is responsable, and she can be a good leader. Particularly, thatshe had worked for the firm for 13 years old, which means that she is more involved in the firm’s decisions than any one of other profils.

Question 2 :
As we noticed in this case, the processof recruitement in Triano starts first by defining the luck of competences expressed by the director of one of the firm’s departements. After, Alistair have to choose the most adequate profil for thepost needed, depending of the description given by the director. In this case, it’s Henry Genedary who detected the lack and express the discription of the post needed (Quality Compliance manager).Alistair didn’t know about the new strategy changed. He was just asked to recruit new profil with new discription after all decisions had been taken.
I think it’s not the best way to recruit.Because the process of defining the lack of competencies is one of the HR missions. To hire is not always the best solution. Sometimes it can be a good idea just to program training and formation for theancien staff. And the HR can give this information : wich is the best solution to recruite or to form ?
Also, creating a new post is a decision wich should be taken with HR departement, because it’s...
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