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The book I have chosen is entitled « Slumdog Millionaire ». It was written by Vikas Swarup who was born in 1936 in Allahabad.. He is a high-flying Indian diplomate and he's also a bestselling author. He make himself known by this novel wich was translated in more than 43 languages and won a lot of literary prize like le prix grand public in annual book fair in Paris.

Slumdog millionnaire is the story of Ram Mohammad Thomas, an orphan living in shantytowns of Bombay in India. At the age of 18 he takes part in a show TV called « Who wants to be a millionnaire? » and he manages to reach the final by answering all the questions. But it seems so unlikely, how could a poor street kid know so much? For the police, the only explanation probable is cheating. He is arrested and tortured in order to make him confess. Desperate to prove his innocence, Ram tells the story of his life, Each chapter of this story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions.
Therefore we are going to discover in the course of the book why he knew the answers and the hard life he had up until this showgame.

He grows up with his brother in the slum of Bombay where reign violence, insalubrity and poverty. Him and his brother Salim don't go to school like most of the children in India, they spend all time together and they are called « the two Mousketaires ».

After the massacre of their mother during religious demonstrations, they run away from their discrict. They are left to themself and they try to survive byy beging and stealing
. During their wandering they meet a girl named Nita. She becomes the third mousketaires and Ram fall in love with her. Then, they are spoted byy vicious local gangs who want to exploit children for make money. Luckily, Ram and his brother manage to run away in times but Latika has not this chance and stay at the mercy of the horrible gang leader.

They find themself back in the same situation as before. They compete of astuteness for

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