Ralph lauren branding history

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Ralph Lauren Case Study: The History Of A King

Case Study Source

Brand Story: Ralph, Vera, Johnny, Billy and Other Adventures in Fashion Branding.

Joseph Hancock.

New York: Fairchild Books,


What elements comprised the equity in the Ralph Lauren Brand?

Starting in 1967, Ralph Lauren brand is an example of how to build strong brandequity. He gave his brand his own name, reflecting the whole lifestyle marketing strategy he used. Furthermore, Ralph Lauren dedicated his entire life to his brand image control by learning early that brand image is everything.

Considering the CBBE model, we can retrace how this brand acquired its equity and what elements comprised it.

The salience of Ralph Lauren brand name startswhen his creator decides to design the Polo Logo from “the opulent lifestyle associated with the sport” which lets the brand stands out from the crowd and be easily memorable by consumers. With “Every team has its colour – Polo has 24” advertising campaign Ralph Lauren clearly aimed at making his brand unique. Then, by fixing higher prices to his collection, Ralph Lauren wanted to position hisproduct as luxury and high quality in the mind of consumers in term of meaningfulness. When thinking of Ralph Lauren, consumers can easily recall the brand horse logo that will appeal them with uniqueness, high standard classic style which, entire part of their life. The success of Ralph Lauren was to bring “practical garments in a luxury context”: he created a casual style but high end reputationwhich leads to make Ralph Lauren brand name being “aspirational and classically iconic” in the mind of consumers from all different generations. Therefore, Ralph Lauren brand is the perfect mix of the Western American style and the elegance of European outlook that the creator found in his wife ideal muse[1], Ricky Low-Beer; and that let him sell his product all over the globe better than any other USbrands. As Ralph Lauren also design home products and fragrances and that was a success, the brand has become more than clothes but part of a whole healthy, wealthy and adventurous lifestyle with rugged romance and timeless elegance for consumers[2].

The performance of Ralph Lauren brand is in its strong meaningfulness in the mind of consumers. Indeed, this brand pointed out itsdifference through the fact that it is casual style but high quality (with high prices), that can be find in Ralph Lauren’s own shop or in some high end retailers shop with a perfect in store presentation fit in the brand image of unique experience to consumers. Ralph Lauren brand name regrouped clothes, home interior decoration and flagrances and all its products was a success which proves how strong itsbrand meaningfulness in consumer’s mind is. Moreover, it proves the transferability all over the world (of course with special collections for each climate) and the adaptability in different product categories of the brand name. Ralph Lauren has also its own website and magazine which enhance the relationships with consumers by giving them personal advice on how to have a perfect elegant, casual,snobby but classic style: it is transmitting “the idea behind the look”[3]. The imagery of Ralph Lauren has been constructed around a whole history of western America ideals and nostalgia as well as Ralph Lauren man himself. Indeed, “the customer he designs for are people more concerned with a lifestyle than fashion itself”[4]: he creates a story with a brand message for each of his product line.He wants consumers being attracted by everything they can imagine when they think about “Polo”, “Safari”, “Rugby” and so on and so for. We can also assume that it is why he chooses to make his product lines appear in some “vintage” movies like Annie Hall, The Great Gatsby or Out of Africa. Ralph Lauren is a man brand name that perfectly reflects the man unique style, personality and history and...
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