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Intership report



REP 4th year

September 2010

I/ Describe briefly your company’s sector of activity, its size (a small agency or a large company) and its general working atmosphere.

1/ The Company

I completed an internship at Eurosites Le groupe in Paris. This company offers to large companies, sites and rooms in Ile de France and in the areas(350 rooms and 4 auditoriums in total), to organize their seminars, business meetings, conferences, training…
In Ile de France, the group has 23 sites and the administrative headquarters (where I did my intership) has the most of employees, (38 and sometimes 3 or 4 trainees). So, it’s a large company. Before, they only rented rooms and today, the group develops a new activity: theyorganize events in their site.
Eurosites was founded in 1992 by Pascal Henry. Their type of clientele is all the sector of activity (industry, public sector, medias, large schools, fabric, cars constructors, telecommunications…); their customers are prestigious like their sites. The group has too partners which help them during the organization of events.

2/ The Workplace

In general, theworking atmosphere is good. The employees are nice and very helping when there is a problem.
On the head of the company, there is a president and a MD. After, we find 7 departments (Human Resources, Communication, Sales department, Accounts department, Exploitation and Purchase, Training department); on the head of the communication department, where I was, Nathalie Leduc works alone. Sometimes,there are some trainees but she has to do all alone.
The main objective of the company is to become the leader in rooms renting sector. Eurosites looks for purchase more customers and to have more market share in this business.
For this objective, Eurosites wants to be more present in France with more rooms to rent.
Moreover, the company has to diversify its communication policy thanks to thepublicity (in magazine, Internet, social network…) and more present on internet and guidebook.
In Eurosites, the corporate organization is made for efficacy. Indeed, the society wants to satisfy perfectly its customers. This is why the company cultivates its prestigious image; moreover, to upgrade the institution functioning and the customers’ services, the direction organizes every month acommercial meeting to take bearings. At the end of every year, the direction organizes general meeting with all employees to making up.
The communication between several departments is ensured by the exchange of mail. The team work is based on mutual aid; as a consequence, the working atmosphere is friendly and stressless. Indeed, before summer holidays, the Training department organizes a relaxationday with lessure activities in outdoor recreational park.

II/ What were your position and missions during your internship? Which of these missions would you like to fulfil in your future job?

During these three months of internship, I had several objectives and worked with different colleague, in particular sales people.

1/ Position and missions

In Eurosites, I was a communicationassistant in the Communication department. There is one person who works in this department (the communication manager) so I worked with her.
During my training period, I had three important missions. The first was the event in July: “La Magie de l’Art”, a private view in the head office. To prepare this event, the time was short so we had to abandon the other activities to devote ourselves tothe preparations. During less than a month, we had to create the invitation, hang the paint in some rooms (to not disturb the meetings’ customers) and prepare the tools to communicate on the d-day. It was a good event but there were not enough meetings to avoid some trips.
The second was the creation of the description documents of the society in English. At the beginning, it was another trainee...
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