Rapport de stage en anglais

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Introduce the Host Company or organization

I did my internship at The Presentation Clinic, it’s in Fleury les Aubrais at 64 bis des Fossés street. There are thirty fivemedical specialists and a team of one hundred and sixty employees.
* The reception staff is responsible for admitting patients and inform the visitors

* The laboratory assistants make bloodanalysis, urine etc.

* The assistant chemist prepares the drug patients, make the necessary stock for each floor and also to fill the wardrobe of the operating room.

* The staff working inthe sterilization service must clean and tidy the equipments of surgery.

* The dietician checks after surgery if the patient does not lose weight and if he is not lack of nutrients. Sheprepares the meals for the patients.

* The nurses are empowered to give to the patient the treatment prescribed by the doctor and the nursing auxiliaries are attached to the hygiene and comfort.

Theperson in charge for my internship is Mr.

Describe your working conditions

My internship week was from January 24th to 28th January 2011. I started at 9am in the morning and I finished at3.30pm, except Thursday 7.30 am and I’ve finished at 1.30pm. I’ve worked 6 hours a day. I went by car with my mother. I have seen patients with the dietitian in the convalescent home. I worked with otherspersons. I ate lunch at the canteen of the Clinic. I haven’t pay .

Practical activities carried out in the host company

I haven't done much thing myself but rather observed the people who mademe discover their activities. But with nursing auxiliaries I made the bed while they wash the sick person. I also participated disinfect the beds after leaves the patient.

My impressions

Ienjoyed this week. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The staff with which I did my internship was very likeable.
The activities were diverse and varied. I discovered several interesting jobs that I liked...
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