Rapport de stage vendeuse camaieu en anglais

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Work experience report
Being an IUT de Roanne’s student, in "Departement techniques de commercialisation", I had to do an internship as a shop assistant in a company as part of one’s universitycourse during two weeks. So I chose Camaïeu :  a women’s clothing store.  This company is located in a new shopping centre called “carrée de soie” in the suburb west of Lyon. This new shopping centerwas built to inject some dynamism into the area. Consequently, Camaïeu has to take up a huge challenge: to contribute to the development of the area and to assure its success in the coming years. Thischallenge explains my choice to work with Camaïeu not only because I wanted to know how this company manages to undergo these difficulties but also the fashion’s world is very interesting for me.    Finding this company was very easy because it’s situated near my home and I absolutely wanted to work with Camaïeu due to its success in France. Working in this company was not a real discovery forme because I have already done work placement in “Jennyfer”; a women’s clothing store in the same city. That’s why; it was a great opportunity for me to increase my knowledge about the company’sorganization. Indeed, I expected from this experience to acquire new knowledge concerning company’s game plan which increases the turnover.
Despite the long hours of work during my job’s period experience(8h / day), I was given several rewarding tasks. Indeed, I was in charge of all what other saleswomen must to execute which was a good thing for me to discover all the activities in the company. Someof the general duties of my job included answering telephone enquiries, unpacking and pricing newly arrived goods, checking stocks, reacting to frequent enquiries for articles not available in thestore and helping to prevent shoplifting. Moreover, I was sometimes exposed to demanding customers and must be able to handle them in a tactful way.  Indeed, my team and I had to be objective and...
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