Regionalization in europe "situation, trends and prospects

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Regional Sociology Term Paper

Regionalization in Europe -15
Situation, trends and prospects in the Member States of European Union (EU-15)


* Region and Regionalization

I. Regionalization Typology
A. Administrative Regionalization
B. Local Authorities Regionalization
C. Regional Decentralization
D. PoliticRegionalization
E. Regionalization by Federated Authorities

II. Evaluation and prospects of regionalization in Europe
A. Regionalization and Regional Institutions
B. Regional Institutions and Spatial Development
C. Regionalization and Identity
D. Regions: an opportunity or threat for Europe?
* Personal critic

III. Synthesis
* Regionalization in thestate's territorial structures
* Regionalisation Typology


In this paper, I will try to objectively describe the trend of regionalism in Europe in recent years and gives an overview of the situation in the regionalized countries of Europe.
Nowadays, regionalism is on the rise in Europe and the regions are very interested in and committed to Europe.
Most Europeancountries have experimented with decentralization, according to their constitutional traditions and political empowerment. Lisbon Treaty has taken note of these developments. The rise of regional level in multilevel governance is now widely recognized and the principle of local autonomy is now institutionalized by the European construction, which ended with the signing of the Lisbon Treaty.
Thisdoes not mean that the dynamics of regionalization and decentralization is completed, or generalized. Europe is in discussion on how she should better understand this new framework for regional action, what should be its main pillars, its priorities and management system.
All cities, municipalities and regions in Europe today can measure their strength and competitiveness in terms of global context.An adaptation effort is required continuously throughout the European Union. Sustainable competitiveness is a challenge for each country. It means eliminating barriers to growth; mobilize the potential development of each European region. Investing in the regions and cities mean a step forward for Europe and therefore the regionalization process becomes essential.

Introduction: Region andRegionalization

* Region
Prior to returning to the expansion of regionalism in Europe, we must define what we mean by 'region'.
The AER (Assembly of European Regions) Declaration on Regionalism defines the region as a "Territorial public entity at the level immediately below the state level and has a government with political self ". By this definition, the European regions are in no way ahomogeneous entity, they vary considerably in terms of size, population, institutional structures, skills and financial authorities. All regions share the same fundamental objective: to develop policies in a democratic manner and provide services to citizens at a level small enough to be close to the concerns and needs of citizens and yet large enough to provide economies of scale. Regionalization isa common trend of evolution of the territorial organization of European states to achieve these goals. “It is the process of creating sub-units within a state and to transfer powers from central government to these subunits. These subunits are an intermediate level of government between the national government and municipalities” Valentina Guerra
* Trend of regionalization
If you look at thehistory of regionalism in Europe since the Second War World, we can observe a series of waves, that is to say, periods in which each state is implementing a series of reforms to improve the distribution powers and duties for the benefit of local communities. From the years 1960 and 1970, crucial to the decades of 1980 and 1990, we can observe a sizeable break with a past centralizer in most...
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