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Case study report about Benetton

1. Introduction

1.1. About the company

Benetton is an italien retailer for traditional men-,women- and kidsfashion and is present in 120 countries around the world.
The brands of Benetton are the casual United Colors of Benetton, the glamour orientated Sisley, the leasurewear brand Playlife and KillerLoop.
The amount of garments they produce in one yearis about 150 million and they offer their products in 6,000 contemporary stores around the world.
Furthermore, the company has a total turnover of over 2 billion euro.
Established in 1965, Benetton is now controlled by Edizione Srl which is a holding company wholly owned by the Benetton Family.

2. Advertisement strategy:

2.1. Definition Advertisement strategy:

An advertising strategyis a campaign which is develepoed by a company to communicate ideas or general information about products and services to potential customers with the aim of convincing them to buy the company’s products or services.
Moreover a business advertising strategy determines the character of the company’s public face.
Most of the advertising strategies focus on achieving three goals:

• Promoteawareness of a business and its products or services
• Increase sales and attract competitor’s customer and
• Establish or modify a business image

2.2. Benneton’s advertisement strategy

Until the 1980s, Benetton advertisements had largely focused on its products and logo and were therefore like the normal advertisement strategies.
In 1982, Luciano Benetton who concentrates onmarketing, hired Oliviero Toscani, a prominent fashion and advertisements photographer to head Benetton’s advertising department which lead to a big change in Benetton’s advertisment strategy. Benetton termed its advertising and marketing activities as a Communication srategy, because it believes that it is important for companies to take a stance in the real world rather than use its advertising budgetto encourage consumers to think they will be happy through the purchase of the company's products. In this commmunication strategy, issues and not clothes play the main part and the images did not show any product, only the company’s logo.
The company wanted to produce images of global concerns for its global costumers in 120 countries around the world and not produce images which tell theindividual to buy products or even to imply this.
The aim was that Benetton advertisements had to stand apart from the rest of the competition and finally, they decided to promote Benetton as a life style brand.

The first theme of Toscani was racial harmony and world peace and he used the different colors in the Benetton collection as a link to the diverse “colors” of its world customers.
In thiscontext the trademark “United Colors of Benetton” was emerged.

[pic] (black and white)

Moreover Tosacani generally used images which deal with specific political or social problems in a radical and unconventional way. Themes like death, sex, genders, war, AIDS and other important current world issues should awake curiosity of the potential customers and should raise the awareness of people.By using this advertising strategy with images of serious social or political problems, Benetton catch the awareness of people through a psychological level and therefore attracting the consumers through emotional aspects.

[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic]
(elecchair) (bosnian soldier) (Aids) (cemetery)

By using this advertising strategy with images of serious social orpolitical problems, Benetton catch the awareness of people through a psychological level and therefore attracting the consumers through emotional aspects.

Nevertheless, the different interpretation of its advertising images in diverse cultures caused resistance and problems for the Benetton company, because they used the same images and campaigns worldwide and did not consider cultural and...
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