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To : Head office
From : the plant manager, Bruges plant
Date : November 11, 2009
Report on situation of Marquet Group after takeover

Terms of reference This report wascommitted by the Chairman of Marquet, Olivia X.
It is based on a presentation of problems known after British takeover. Indeed, British firm’s integration knows difficulties.

Introduction Alot of rumors showed that there is bad cooperation on the part of the Sheffield plant. So, managers have discussed about the reasons of such a behavior and what should be done.

FindingsFirst, the language is seen as a communication barrier, especially for English people because French and Belgian people use French and do not make an effort.
Then, a lack of trust andautonomy is felt by British managers from French managers.
Furthermore, a huge lack of communication is noticed by French executives, for example, British figures are not sent to the headoffice.
To finish, British market was criticized because they want to keep their high quality production.

Thanks to the debate, some solutions have been found to rectify thesituation:
First, European group working should be set in order to make the group more homogeneous, and to combine French, British and Belgian methods.
Then, leisure solutions have beensuggested, for example, sport meetings should be organized to create a team spirit playing rugby or football.
In an other hand, a dinner at restaurant has been proposed by the British, a proofof their integration efforts.

Conclusion The problem of lack of cooperation on the part of the British company is a real issue which affects the global organization. It would beprofitable to avoid future incidents of this nature.

Recommendations I recommend that we realize all of the solutions found during the debate in order to maximize the result.
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