Republicans and democrats

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Republicans and Democrats

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The Republican and the Democratic Party
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Republicansand Democrats

The Republican Party
 Founded by anti-slavery expansion activists in 1854  Name "Republican“ : equality , Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party  July 6th, 1854 : firstofficial Republican meeting in Jackson, Michigan.

 1856 : Considered a "third party" because the Democrats and Whigs represent the two-party system at the time but Fremont nominated for the presidencywith 33% of the vote ("Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men, Fremont.“)  1860 : Abraham Lincoln becomes the first Republican to win the White House.

 1861-1865 : Civil War : Lincolnsigns the Emancipation Proclamation that frees the slaves  1860-1932 : The Republican Era

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Republicans and Democrats

The Republican Party
Philosophy : conservative  Party's platform : right of center in the United States political spectrum

 Symbols : elephant, red
 Famous presidents : Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush,Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon  Economic Ideas : Pro poor, favor minimum wages and increase taxes on wealthy  Often called the Grand Old Party (GOP)

 2nd biggest party today

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Republicans and Democrats

The Democratic Party
 Early 1790's : The Democratic Party evolves from Anti-Federalist factions

 1800 : Elections lead the RD Partyto power
 After the War of 1812, Democratic-Republicans split over the choice of a successor to President James Monroe, and a party faction becomes the Democratic Party.  Civil War : NorthernDemocrats divided into War Democrats and Peace Democrats and Southern Democrats formed their own party => the Democrats loose power  The Democrats remained competitive though : the party was dominated...
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