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Introduction to the problem
Ryanair’s passengers face a mandatory £5 online check-in fees due to abolishing its check-in desk (The Guardian online: 2009). The chief executive said that this “abolishing airport check-in desks would save the airline about £46m” (The Guardian online: 2009). This decision will have knock on effects on the customers and their reaction toward it. This research willinvestigate the possible customers’ reactions and their behaviours toward this increase it fees. It will look at the different kinds of customers within the airline industry.

Literature review

Ryanair is increasing the fees on the customers; therefore the research will include sources which contain useful information about the consumer satisfaction and behaviour in general and its relationwith increasing the cost in depth. This will give background about the customer’s reactions toward any changes in costs. The research should contain as well some previous and similar case studies in the airline industry which will help having knowledge about the potential impacts and problems that will face Ryanair when taking such these decisions of increasing costs and the possible ways to solveit. Moreover, this will help exploring what the customers are looking for in the airlines which can be applied in Ryanair.

While doing the research, many research parameters should be taken in consideration. The subject area will be the consumer satisfaction and behaviour and it will cover the airline sector. The research will not consider the publications before 2004 so the information andtheories reviewed will not be out of date. Only the publications with English language will be considered.

Dooley (2009) gave many examples on airlines rising costs and the way which these airlines are using to increase the travelling costs. He was mainly focusing on the surcharges and briefly mentioned the knock on effects of these surcharges on the consumer behaviour. The article was criticisingthe “proliferation” of the airline’s charges which present challenges to travel agents and their customers. This article is beneficial because it gives some examples about kinds of customers in airline’s industry and their behaviour toward increasing the costs. However, a bias could be raised because it is published in Travel Agent journals therefore it may not give full reasons why the airlinesare increasing these charges.

Gummesson (2008) was critically review one of the most important concepts in marketing and consumer’s satisfaction which is “Customer Centricity” or customer orientation. He said that the customer centricity is not “Whole-heartedly implemented” in the real life. He mentioned many problems related to implement this concept perfectly in the real life, for example hesaid that the customer is one of the business stakeholders therefore “Balancing centricity” should be considered by the business. This paper gives clear view about the practical problems in adopting customer centricity because the author is a professor and practicing marketer as well. However, it should be taken into consideration that the author in the whole paper is trying to persuade the readerthat the balancing centricity is better that customer centricity. This paper will add value to Ryanair’s research when evaluating the new decision and its effect on customer centricity and balancing centricity.

Boddy (2008) speaks in his book “Management: an introduction” in chapter 9 about the being aware of customer’s unsatisfied needs and the importance of “post-purchase evaluation”. InRyanair case, their records of evaluating the customer’s attitude will help in anticipating their reaction toward the new rules in the company. Boddy mentioned as well the marketing analysis including the competitors. This analysis will help in Ryanair’s research in predicting the consumer’s reaction toward the new decision by looking at the alternative choices in the rival airlines. However, what...
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