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Does your secretary rank higher than mine?
1) The real problem of Garett’s point of view is that all the secretaries are doing in facts more than a job of a classic secretary. Indeed, they aredoing a lot of additional tasks, so that their real position is not anymore “secretary”, but much more than that: they are doing quasi-management tasks. Garett told to Elizabeth that “she wouldn’t wantto see his secretary rated at a lower grade than vice president of operations’ secretary” because he knows that his secretary could benefit of an upper salary that his actual’s. So, the real problemof Garett’s point of view is he doesn’t accept that the post of his secretary should be renamed and that she should get a better wage.

2) Elizabeth should take care of the different concernsGarett expressed: his difficulties to accept change (he is upset), the necessity for him to get always a secretary with him, and his fear of losing such a good secretary because of Elizabeth ‘studies. Totake care of these topics, Elizabeth should talk about Garett and explain the positive effects her work could have of the team. Then, she could propose him to organize the work of his secretary inorder to permit her to get some free time to do others tasks. For the future, she also could offer him to form another secretary, who could cover for the first if she is too busy. Lastly, she willexplain to the secretaries the aim of her work, in order to show them that there is no reason to be threatened.

3) Elizabeth has to prepare herself to the resistance of the employees. Indeed, if thereare worried for theirs jobs, they won’t answer correctly to his questionnaire. So that, Elizabeth has to reassure them, and explain that they are doing correctly theirs jobs. She can also include tothe questionnaire some questions to make them comfortable. Moreover, the secretaries will be reassured if they have the possibility to ask questions and explain theirs fears about Elizabeth’s work,...
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