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I. Objectives

Nowadays, in France, the cell phone market is very profitable. Thanks to a lot of advantages, Smartphones become indispensable for their users. Five brands are fighting to be the leader of this market: Apple, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, and Nokia. But, one product appears as the Smartphone: The Iphone. Even if everybody doesn’t have one, we all know someone who has one. We have alltry one, at least once. This product is very successful, particularly with people between 18-25 years old. As a consequence we want to answer two questions:
- Why this product is so successful?
- What are the features which make it better than the others Smartphones?

II. Method
To answer to these two questions we decide to do a “blind test”, but a special kind of blind test: the peopleinterviewed will see the products. Indeed, we can’t do a normal blind test; it would be useless with our products. We chose three Smartphones: the Iphone, the Blackberry and the HTC. They are the most representative Smartphones. With these three Smartphones we have all of the features of typical Smartphones: internet access, touch-sensitive screen, applications, azerty keyboard…

III. QuestionnaireWe divided our questionnaire into five parts. The first part is a general one, to present our subject (Smartphones) and know what the particularity of these phones is searched by the interviewed. The second part is about the esthetic: what Smartphone is the most attractive? The third part is to compare the three Smartphones on three features: the weight, the size and the utilization. The fourthpart is about money: acquisition price and application. The last one is for the Iphone users only: we want to know more about their choice of buy this Smartphone.
We obtain this questionnaire: 

IV. Results
In this part, we’ll present the results. We interviewed 24 people, men and woman between 17 and 50 years old.

This pie chart answers to the second part of the question1, 71% of interviewed answered that they own a Smartphone. The first brand is Apple with 65% of votes. Blackberry comes after with 17%, followed by Nokia with 12% and then HTC with 6%. Apple has an overwhelming majority.


This question was about the most important features of the Smartphones. We can notice that the internet access is the most important feature.

QUESTION 3:In the beginning, this question was about the aspect of the Smartphones. But, during the survey we receive some different answers. Indeed, the features of the Smartphones are really recognizable, and the notoriety of the brands counts a lot in the answers. As a consequence, this question shows us, that Apple has an overwhelming majority. The look of the Iphone attracts 18 people on 24. This isattraction is increased by the name of Apple which is very strong and have a very good reputation.

In this question, the interviewed explains his choice. This pie chart is with the answers of people who choose the Iphone. The design (28%) and the applications (24%) are the strongest features for the choice.


In these questions we compare the size and theweight of the three Smartphones. We make a scale with the results:

The HTC is the heaviest and the smallest. The Iphone is the taller and is between light and heavy. The Blackberry is the lightest and is quite tall.


In this question we talk about the use of the Smartphones. We make a scale, and we place the Smartphones to the easiest to use for the hardest:

Iphone is theeasiest to use and HTC the hardest.


In this question we talk about the price of Smartphones. The most important part of the interviewed can spend between 50 and 200€ on a Smartphone.


For 83% of the interviewed, the applications are useful.
For the interviewed who answered no, they thought that the aim of a phone is simply to call someone and send...
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