Return of the forgotten vegetables / texte d'anglais

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Return of the forgotten vegetables!

Even if they have been put down and overlooked afterwards, the roots vegetables from the early decades of the 20th Century are making their way back onto organic supermarket shelves.
In France, that kind of vegetables had a rather bad connotation due to the fact that, during World War II, they were considered as the most basic meals people could have, and therefore many grand parents don’t want to hear about topinambour, dandelion, cardoon, or rutabagas! The latter, for instance, were considered as our current potatoes, and were a real mainstay meal! So after the war, people tried to forget those vegetables, in order to forget all the unbearable horrors they had lived through.
But now, times have changed, and those grandparents have children who are looking for new vegetables. Even if those “new” vegetables are not the prettiest ones, they are original, authentic, and, most of the time, they are certified by various “ecological labels” which gives them a healthy image.
In a nutshell, that kind of vegetables has been used by the marketers specialized in edibles, as an actual tool to face a potential boredom in the French kitchens.
Because of this new trend, many restaurants started to think about bringing those forgotten vegetables up-to-date, making them fashionable again, thanks to a great “ gourmet “ positioning which consists on : focusing the menus on original, organic and traditional ingredients, mixed up with a healthy modern light cooking style that people fancy nowadays.
Thus, many restaurants started to think about new meals, made with strange tastes, and forgotten roots vegetables, to benefit of this positioning and attract bobos, “green addicts”, “early adopters” and all the people who were just looking for novelty in cooking. They also started writing cookbooks with the recipes they have invented.
Therefore, we can conclude that those vegetables have utterly launched a new business… And marketers don't

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