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The Power of WordsThey can hurt,And they can healWords can make you feel things,You never thought you'd feelAnd if you're not too careful,It's your soul they will stealWords are thebridge,Between the future and the past,Because words are the only thing,That really, truly, lastWhen you are lonely!They are there to readWhen you have nothing!They fill that spaceinside you,That has become so emptyThey never go away,Not once they're heard...That's the power of wordsThey can remind,They cause regretWords are the most powerful weapons,That have beendiscovered yetThey make you strong,Whenever you feel weakWords can be wise,And they can be deepThey are your companions,On nights when you can't sleepWhen you are lonely!They are thereto readWhen you have nothing!They fill that space inside you,That has become so emptyThey never go away,Not once they're heard...That's the power of wordsWords can make you sigh!Wordscan make you cry!And I can't tell you,How many times it's happened,When I've sat down to writeWords are uplifting,If we don't use them wrong,

Life is an adventure,So take allthat you can.Do everything with passion,Fall in love, be loved in returnFor you to know that someone cares.Dive into the world of dreams,Be a pirate fighting bravely with sword,Be amighty dragon flying through the sky,Be a princess - more beautiful than anything,Be a desperate lover in Moulin Rouge...Give a hug to those who are important to you,Make them happy bysmiling widely,Sing a little song, playin' along the piano,Rhyme some lyrics to express your feelings.It's not that hard. You're not from stone.Cry, if you need it, that'll make your soulfly,Spread your wings, let nobody stop you -It's your life, it's your way to go.Choose wisely for you not to regretAnd leave your footsteps like in the snow for others to follow...
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