Salvation army

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Questions about the Salvation Army Case Study


The Salvation Army stakeholders :
- Internal stakeholders :
- clients : beneficiaries of The Salvation Army actions
- soldiers, officersand commissioners : paid employees
- the general : CEO of the organization
- the High Council
- the Generals’ Consultative Council
- the International Management Council

- Externalstakeholders :
- non-employed volunteers
- donators (organizations or individuals)
- other charity associations which work with the Salvation Army
- state and government of every territories
-press / media
- other religious communities


The Salvation Army may encounter several types of issues regarding its stakeholders. The first issue raised in the case study is the relationbetween the Salvation Army and the governments. Indeed, the SA may not be recognized and allowed to implement its charity actions in a country. For example, it has been banned in Russia during thecommunist regime. Then, there has been an attempt to ban it again in 2004. The underlying argument is the following : a state has the duty to protect and ensure welfare to its people. A government may fearthat a charity replaces the welfare that a state has failed to implement. The reasons are both political and religious. On the one hand it can be the fact that a state may lose credibility if it failsto ensure welfare. The religious aspect is that the Salvation Army may be limited because of its religious purpose and identity. Even if it claims that it helps everyone in need regardless to theirreligion, some governments are very integrated in a religious community. For example, orthodox community may not accept the presence of the Evangelical Church in its territory. This argument is moreobvious in Islamic countries were any Western charity is not welcome.
The second one is an ethical issue related to donors. The Salvation Army faces dilemma regarding to the origin of funds. It...
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