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Sherlock Holmes is an imaginary character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is a consulting detective who has noticeable memory and intelligence to help him resolving crimes. Thischaracter appeared for the first time in the novel “A study in Scarlet” in French “Une étude en rouge”, then in four novels and fifty-six short stories such as the famous one “ The hound of the Baskerville”in French “Le chien des Baskerville”.
Sherlock Holmes’ characteristics
Sherlock Holmes is tall, slim and smart. He is a hard smocking person. He is misogynous this can explain the fact he issingle. Also he practices sports and plays the violon.
This consulting detective is usually attended by his friend Doctor Watson, the only one person who shares his life, probably because work is theheart of his life. He is egotistic, it means he loves himself, that’s why he’s always performing with his clients. Moreover he doesn’t hesitate to break the rules when it’s not in accordance withjustice. For him the most important is not the rank of his client but it is the interest of the enquest. Despite he doesn’t like money, he receives lots of money from rich people. Sherlock Holmes resolvesmysteries thanks to a three steps process : clues’ examination, induction and logical conclusion.

Sherlock Holmes’ life 
He was born in 1854 according to suppositions only because no date waswritten in the books. He lives in London in the famous Baker Street. He started working as a counsulting detective when he was 24. 3 years later, he met Doctor Watson. In one of the book Sherlock Holmesdied because of a fight with his ennemy teacher Moriarty. But 3 years later he came back because fans asked Sir connan doyle for his return. So he worked again from 1894 to 1903. To finish he got the« Legion of Honor » in 1894.

Funny topics
Initially, Sir Conan Doyle wanted to call his character Sherrinford Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes gave a famous explanation to his assistant, Dr. Watson, when...
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