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Younes Sofian
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Hawaii uses mainly oil for its energy requirement such eletricity.
Unfortunately, oil has severaldisadvantages: it is an exhaustible energy
source, very expensive and it contributes to global warming on long term.

Nevertheless ,planners decide to exploitrenewable sources of country like
wind or sun. Hawaii is composed of 6 islands. Among these islands, Oahu
is many more populated than the other.Soconsumption of eletricity is very
important.However, renewable sources is an alternative at this problem,but
the most interesting renewable energy are far from Oahuand it can not
directly exploit. That is why, cable which links all islands together and
which carries energy one island to another seem to be a goodsolution.Besides,energy arrives on the grid electric set up in each
island.Grid electric converts renewable energy into eletricity.

According to LindLingle, Hawaii has two objectives to reach. on the one
hand, it's to carry energy produced by wind farm (or sun, wave)on the
islands sparsely populated untilOahu by means undersea cables, on the
other hand to produce 40% of energy from renewable energy to the people
who need it.

To reach the obejctives, plannerssuggest to connect six grids of each
island by cable and hope to reduce eletricty consumption from air
conditioning. Consequently,Honolulu will be able toreceive almost all the
energy from other islands through cables.

Finally, state helps financially developers to build their own renewable
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