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ADDTHIS : -AddThis plugin rated 4 stars out of five. -Many screenshots (button / how it works, administration panel on wordpress, analytics) -Explanations of what changed with the new version. -History of new releases and changes -AddThis is active with the default options since it is activated. -The user can customize his options (place of the button...) -The advanced panel is enabled only if you have created an addthis account on To get the stats: -Easy registration : only 4 informations needed to be filled. -No registration with others services (Facebook, Twitter...)

-Gigya plugin button is rated 5 stars out of 5!
-Once activated, the plugin is already working with default options.
-No many options except the language, and the page where I want the plugin to appear.
-Not product oriented, but company oriented.
-Three extensions (one toolbar, one for the button, and one for a stream / registration)
-Future features / How to link with a google analytics account / how to make money with.
- Allow clients to register using some services: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.. => NICE
-You are able to configure your widgets with many options.
-It is possible to personalize what your want on your toolbar: twitter / facebook page , message ; color of the toolbar ; search box... GIGYA TOOLBAR :
-Gigya toolbar plugin rated 5 stars out of 5.

-If the user clicks on AddtoAny at the left of the page, it redirects him to the home page: This web page is product oriented and focus on the goal : download the button. -AddtoAny ranked almost 4/5 stars, which is quite good.
-They rank on “share this” as they have this word on their description. (Same think for sociable). -On the title they have the keywords “share” “bookmark” and

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