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International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco SecuAchat Report

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International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco SecuAchat Report

Executive Summary:
Near to Europe, Morocco benefited from a great historical and cultural heritage allowing a seamless openness to the European market in all economic areas. The IT sector, which is in its fancy in western countries, has made a great leap forward during the past five years. The internet started to expand in a fashion similar to that of mobile phones that after a slow start entered into a phase of accelerated growth. With an estimation of 1 million computers existing in 2007, around 150 000 units of laptops, and proximately 11000 internet cafes, the internet usage accounts for well over 8m users. Besides, The Moroccan government plays a significant roles by enacting laws such as making electronic signatures legally binding, and promoting major IT projects such as “ M@roc 2006-12” or e-Maroc. Although these factors, the e-commerce still has a long way to go before becoming as established as in western countries. The major obstacles facing its good implementation go behind the lack of guarantees, payment options, and security systems which fail to attract potential customers in the market. Moroccan companies only make 8.4% of their goods and services on line, a weak percentage that is due to the absence of e-payment solution that appeals to the need of the Moroccan market with a protection of private data from internet fraud. SecuAchat is a e-payment solution provider company. It is a LLC owned by five qualified and ambitious entrepreneurs. Adil Serroukh will be the CEO of the company, Ali Harchi the head of the Marketing Department, Youness Hmimmch the responsible of the IT department, Aniss Hicham the head of the Finance Department, and Soumaya El Boukhari will be responsible for the Logistics and HR Department. With a clear vision of becoming a national standard reference for online

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