Sonia rykiel

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Rykiel… Six letters that are as radiant as her creation. This the story of combine madness and genius, sensibility and provocation. Turn into one word it would make: revolution. She then went on to invent the inverted seam, the no hem and no lining. Her DEMODE (de-fashion) philosophy urged women to adapt fashion to their own taste and personality ratherthan follow the diktats of designers. She created a unique style that would soon be recognized throughout the world, its most distinctive features compromising, stripes, sequins, lettering and the colour black. Several other passions nourish her creativity, such as literature, designing, acting, painting (she exposed her creations during an exhibition) and gastronomy…until a flower which has thesame name : Sonia Rykiel. Ethnically a Polish Jew, she was born in Paris, France in 1930. At the age of 17, she was employed to dress the window displays in a Parisian textile store. In 1953 Sonia married Sam Rykiel, owner of a boutique selling elegant clothing. In 1962 she just couldn't find any soft sweaters to wear when she was pregnant. So she used a supplier to her husband from Venice todesign her own. In 1968 she was elected "Queen of Knits" by the American publication Women's Wear Daily, and her sweaters became the emblem of her trade. She later became the first designer to put seams on the outside of a garment, and to print words on her sweaters. In particular, she favors long clinging sweaters or small cropped pullovers, large rolled-back cuffs and long shawls. Her colors areusually beige, grey, dark blue and charcoal. Sonia Rykiel created a unique style that is recognizable around the world, whose key words are black, stripes, lace, strass (rhinestones) and sweaters emblazoned with written messages. Pullovers that reveal the skin and hug the body without constraint were created in the name of creating a new allure and erasing the dictates of bourgeois dressing. Velourstracksuits became evening wear; lace and fur, daywear, as Rykiel mixed up fashion codes with her customary impertinence. New gestures and attitudes defy the seasons and define contemporary fashion history with complete freedom. This is a story for women by a woman, an iconic designer with flamboyant red hair who traces and illuminates her fashion story with a stroke of black ink. Maybe, if youread some quotations you will better understand her and what she created :
« A beautiful dress, it’s the same than an actress who tells the truth »
« There is no stapes in my fashion, only moment; I can’t play this way, I just play the woman. »
« For ten years, I have said every day : ‘I’ll stop tomorrow’. They will realize that I know nothing about fashion. »
Many people define her as someonetotally crazy. In fact, one time, I was in Megeve, skiing with my friend, and I saw her and I understood. She was walking as nobody can do and her hair were just totally eccentric, but the most amazing was the fact that she talked to her self, everybody was looking askance at her but you know, she was playing, and she didn’t care. I found something true in this behavior, I remember that I thoughtthat she was free and independent. And although she defines her company as a family : indeed after Nathalie Rykiel (her daughter) president, it’s now her great child creates her collection, she has created a collection for H&M. It is a hallmark of Sonia Rykiel to think of all women because fashion is about a certain spirit more than a question of means. This collaboration fits perfectly with ourphilosophy. The Sonia Rykiel pour H&M lingerie collection is the ideal way to offer the essence of Rykiel to a great number of women around the world, and a beautiful way to close the year. The knitwear collection is perfect for welcoming a colorful new season,” says Nathalie Rykiel, president and artistic director of Sonia Rykiel. She introduced a collection of underwear, "Sonia Rykiel pour...
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