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Research into the export mission during the 1st and 2nd semester of the 1st year 8 weeks between mid-may of the 1st year and the beginning of term ofthe 2nd year, (the last week in August.) The work experience will be done in an English speaking country, Spanish speaking country or country where the business language is English (see CIA tutor forwork experience to be validated in other countries ). New Zealand, Australia, The United States (mainly Hawaii) Chili, Peru China, Hong-Kong The work experience must, under strict obligation, take placein the field of clientele prospecting(for a local or overseas market). A work experience placement tutor will oversee the student’s progress. The work placement report book must be filled in weeklyand the synthesis documents must be filled in at the end of the second week, fourth week, sixth week and the last day of the training period. They MUST be sent by fax (00 689 42 44 28) on the abovedates to CCISM Formation, for the attention of Claire Tournier or by email. The training report must be handed in on the first day of the second year studies.

PACIFIC WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENT AIMSTo develop students’ capacities to Create tools to research and find a work placement. To put the research phase into practice and develop adequate written and spoken communication skills. Within thesetting of the work experience placement : To make use of what students have learnt from clientele prospecting training. To carry out an analysis of the business context and the adapted means ofprospecting. To carry out clientele prospecting with help from company employees, by designing emails, letters, brochures etc and by participating in shows and exhibitions or going to meetings with clients.To draw up an analysis of the results of the prospecting undertaken. Practical information from the “Clientele prospecting and follow up” work experience training will be of use to the student for...
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