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The ‘Stage d’Execution’, a compulsory work course carried out in January, forms part of the 1st year course at the EGC. It is an opportunity to gain practical experience within a business, chosen by the student, to build on the theoretical knowledge gained in class. The work experience is an opportunity to discover the different departments of a business; however the most important are production and logistics. I chose Guiot Company which is located at Fresnes-Sur-Escaut near Valenciennes. From the 8th to the 26th of January I worked as hangling operator on the production line and assisted with orders.

In the first part, I will give a brief explanation of the factory Guiot and in second part, I will describe the tasks I undertook and what I learned in the three weeks. Moreover, I will explain the difficulties I met.

1. The Guiot factory on its market

1.1. The plant’s presentation

The Guiot factory is a plc, manufacturer and merchant of fruit syrups in bottle in glass.
These syrups are intended for a wide range of consumers, both children and adults, and are added to water or soft drinks (sparkling water, lemonade, fruit juice...).

1.2. The syrups Guiot, a history

The Guiot House was created in 1871. When it started out, its activity was based around syrups, lemonades and other supplies for breweries. Later, in 1880, the Guiot Company focussed its activity on the market for syrups. The arrival of Bernard GUIOT at the head of the Company in 1970 was the fourth generation of the Guiot family since its creation. His goals for the future of the company focussed on the evolution, manufacturing and marketing of premium quality fruit syrups. In December 2006, the six more exactly, an official statement announced that the French Group of syrups Monin had just become

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