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Macroeconomics (3rd Edition) by Stephen D. Williamson

One Of The Best Book I Have Read

Williamson’s Macroeconomics uses a thoroughly modern approach that is consistent with the way thatmacroeconomic research is conducted today.

Introduction and Measurement Issues: Introduction; Measurement: National Income Accounting, Prices, Saving, and Labor Markets; Business Cycle Measurement. AOne-Period Model of the Macroeconomy: Consumer and Firm Behavior: The Work-Leisure Decision and Profit Maximization; A Closed-Economy One-Period Macroeconomic Model. Economic Growth: Economic Growth:Malthus and Solow; Income Disparity Among Countries and Endogenous Growth. Savings, Investment, and Government Deficits: A Two-Period Model: The Consumption Savings Decision and Credit Markets; A RealIntemporal Model with Investment. Money and Business Cycles: A Monetary Intertemporal Model: Money,

Prices, and Monetary Policy; Market-Clearing Models of the Business Cycle; Keynesian Business CycleTheory: Sticky Wages and Prices. International Macroeconomics: International Trade in Goods and Assets; Money in the Open Economy. Topics in Macroeconomics: Money, Inflation, and Banking;Unemployment: Search and Efficiency Wages; Inflation, the Phillips Curve, and Central Bank Commitment. Mathematical Appendix.

For all readers interested in macroeconomics.

Personal Review: Macroeconomics(3rd Edition) by Stephen D. Williamson
I really like the way the material is explained in this book. I had 2 undergraduate economic s courses covering the whole book. For the models, graphs are shownfor every case with detailed explanation. The assumption and critics for each models are explained as well. There are not much math equations and it is easy to read. Overall, I have learne d SO much.Really happy that school has assigned this book. I wasn't really listening in the class and just read the book prepare me for the exams. I have never read any other macro book, but at least this...
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