Strength and weaknesses nissan leaf

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Strength and weaknesses

Strengths :
• Nissan leaf is the most affordable, family, 100% electric car.
• It has room for five passengers, and the rear seat is quite comfortable with very goodvisibility.
• First zero-emissions vehicle - The Leaf isn't a hybrid car, it's completely electric, it has no gasoline or diesel powered engine to supplement for power.
• Electric vehicles (EV's)utilize no fossil fuels, so there are no emissions whatsoever.
• Instant power - Electric motors produce 100% of their torque at zero RPM. This results in instant acceleration with no lag.
• Quiet ride- Since electric cars don't have conventional fossil fuel engines, they run
smoother and quieter. At low speeds, electric vehicles are virtually silent.
• Streamlined construction, less repair -The engine system for EV's is simple. Compared to regular automobile engines, EV engines have less moving parts, which translates to fewer visits to a garage for repairs over the life of the car asthere are fewer things to break.
• Tax credit - Buyers should be able to take advantage of a tax credit in 2011 up to $7,500 from the government for purchasing a new alternative vehicle.
• Global Brand:- According to business Week Global Brand Scorecard Nissan is the fastest growing automotive brand. This provides competitive advantage that can offset the increasing competition.
• One other ofthe Nissan key strengths is its Global Financial Position.
• Because of Nissan’s overseas dependency of operating income (which is over 50%) show that they are in the fast lane of globalization.
•Renault-Nissan Alliance: The alliance has provided advantages to both companies. They can move into new markets faster and with lower costs because they don't have to build new plants. (Renault buildscars in Nissan's Mexico plants and Nissan uses Renault's Brazil plant and distribution networks)
• Battery price: Although Nissan offers a battery lease, the total price still...
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