Studdent exchange

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1. Hello, my name is checkna and I studying in sociology.
I saw your announcement on the site
2-Hello, Chekna
Yes I have make an acoucement in couchsurfers. site, my name is David, I live in United States near New York.
3-Where do you live Chekna?
4. i lives in bamako in mali with my three wives.
5-You have 3 wives?? Omg it’s to much for one men!.
6. I will have soon a fourth woman
7-Okay. How long you want remain in New York?
8. I want stay two months, of the second of september at the second of November in two thousand and ten.
9-What do you eat in Bamako? Because in New York I like eat every day in MacDonald’s
10. I know the happy meal but I prefer the pigmented dishes
11.Where do you live in New York?
Do you have much transport? Because I want visit the city?
12-I live in Harlem and I have lot of bus and metro moreover it’s a beautiful district because they have parcs and monuments …
13.How is your house? Do you have big house?
14-Yes I have a big house with five rooms and three bathroom and I don’t have any brothers
15.Do you have video games because it’s my favorite hobbies?
16-Yes,I have playstation 3 with lot of games and it’s my favorite hobbies too!
17. Excuse me, my telephone is discharged bay

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