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University of Stuttgart

Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems

Department of Energy Conversion and Heat Transfer
Dr.-Ing. R. Kulenovic, Dr.-Ing. R.Mertz

Task formulation of the Student Research Project for xxx. cand. mach. Manita Cannell Cassiana, Matr.-Nr.: xxxxxx, Address xxxxxx, in the frame of the main subject “Nuclear EnergyTechnology”, Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Laurien.

“Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Debris Beds”

Motivation and Background:
During a severe nuclear reactor accident with loss ofcoolant, the reactor core can melt and form a particle bed (debris) in the lower plenum of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV). Within the reactor safety research, the removal of decay heat from a debrisbed (formed from corium and residual water) is of great importance. In order to investigate experimentally the long term coolability of debris beds numerical models are developed at IKE in the frameworkof reactor safety research. These models have to be validated by means of experimental data. In this context this student research project should contribute to model validation by providing somespecific experiments.

Aim of Study:
Task 1: Determination of porosity and effective particle diameter of a particulate debris bed
In order to investigate the potential ofcoolability of a debris bed, it is important to know the porosity of the bed and the effective particle diameter. These bed characteristics depend on the size distribution of particles from fragmentation butalso on the settling process and may differ from a bed obtained by well mixing a certain size distribution of particles. Therefore, experiments will be carried out in which debris beds are formed insettling process (free falling particles in the water pool). Then, the porosity of this debris bed is to be determined and an effective particle diameter characterizing the bed is to be determined by...
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