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Sunrise is a silent and black&white movie produced in 1927 by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. The main topic is the affair of a villager who is already married. First, we will study thecontext of the story, and after we will talk about the woman who comes from the town. Thirdly, we will show how this woman drives the villager mad and finally, we will explain the end of the story.

I.The context
The scene takes place in a farm, where a villager and his wife are living with their young baby. They seem to be happy together. The man is a little bit gruff and taciturn. His with isyounger than him, she’s blond hair and she’s really pretty. Her face looks like a baby’s face, she looks dumb and kind. The baby is very young, it’s an infant. It’s an united and happy family until theman meet a woman from the town…

II. The woman who comes from the town
She’s dark hair, dark glance and dark clothes. She’s cabbalistic and very sexy. The man feels immediately a lot of strangefeelings that he couldn’t control. He kissed her, embraced her as if they were in love since a very long time. It’s a passionate and sexual and forbidden love affair, and that’s why it was soexciting to the man. The woman was jealous and asks to the man to leave his family to come with her to the city. He agrees immediately, because he was full of a new unknown love. But the woman suggests himto kill his wife by overwhelming her in the lake. Strangely, the man is not struck by this idea and he agrees.

III. How the woman drives the villager mad
The villager, full of a strange feelingbetween love, passion, and scare, went back at home and prepared his wife’s murder. He proposes her to go to the town only her and him. Happy, she accepts. To go to the town, they have to cross thelake with their small boat. But when they leave the lakefront, their dog barked immediately and from this moment, the wife asked herself about this strange stroll. But in the middle of the lake, her...
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