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Hills Like White Elephant - Commentaire (Ernest Hemingway)

Human nature is a concept really complex to understand. Indeed the human being has very specific trends and singular behaviorsthat are interesting to study. Ernest Hemingway, a famous world-known novelist of the 20th century analyse this human nature and more specifically the relationship between men and women and theimportance of the society concerning our choices in his novel Hills Like White Elephants published in 1927. When you read the story for the first time, the whole situation seems to be meaningless, but this isHemingway's style, everything is in the implicit details.
The plot of the story is a dialog between a man and a woman named Jig in a bar at a train station in Spain. They're having thisconversation while watching the nature, seeping beers, and waiting for the train. The topic of their conversation is never explicitly stated but it appears that the man tries to convince Jig to abort. Thereby,we can ask ourselves how is characterized the relationship between the two characters? First we will see that the man dominates the girl, then we will analyse how this abortion is perceived by thecouple.

After reading the novel we can easily sense that Jig is a devoted and loving woman and her husband dominates her. We can discern that she wants to keep her child : if the decision wasall her's she would have declined the idea of abortion. But it is not, the man seems to be very influent concerning Jig's choices even on the most ridiculous decisions such as "What should we drink?""It is good with water?" "Could we try it?". She seems very fragile and vulnerable and trusts the man's judgment, she doesn't want to lose him and is ready to do everything to keep him. Furthermore,all she cares about is his hapiness, she "doesn't care about ", all that matters is that the man still loves her even if she is forced to put aside what she really wants, she doesn't have her own...
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